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Design & Technology is a generic title for a range of related activities whose main focus is on Designing and Making products. There is an emphasis on pupils being creative, innovative, healthy and environmentally aware. This is true for KS 3, 4 and 5 courses (see below for course details).

Departmental Staff

Mr M. Roberts Head of Design Technology
Mrs S. Simms Head of Food Technology
Mrs E. Herbert  
Mrs J. Kittler  
Mr G Fowler  
Mr R. Godfrey  
Mrs H. Jones  
Mr Bull (Workshop Technician)  


With a subject as diverse as this it would take up too much space to list every piece of equipment we have!


We have a dedicated Graphics teaching room with drawing equipment, hot wire cutter, rotary trimmer, mug press etc. There are computers with access to the full network range of software plus specialist packages for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture. An A3 colour laser printer and a professional quality Plotter/Cutter allow students to produce high quality graphic products. 

Product Design

We have two dedicated workshops with all the tools and items of equipment you would expect to find for working with woods, metals and plastics. Machine & CAM tools include wood and metal lathes, pedestal drills, vacuum forming, sanding discs, line bending machines, polishing wheels, a 3 Axis Milling Machine,  2 laser cutters and recently 3 new advanced 3D printers.

Food Technology

We have two food technology rooms with all the tools and equipment you would expect to find in a well-stocked kitchen. Pupils work in kitchen ‘bays’, each with its own oven, sink, preparation areas and storage cupboards. 

The department also has a computer room with high end computers which allow us to run the latest subject specific softwares.

Key Stage 3

Pupils are involved in a range of project-based activities during this Key Stage. Through these they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Product Design, Graphics, Food Technology. They are also introduced to the basics of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.

Key Stage 4

Pupils can opt to study Product Design or Home Economics: Food and Nutrition (OCR) to GCSE level.

Product Design

Two different courses are offered (AQA GCSE Design Technology and AQA Technical Award Materials Technology), during Year 10 a series of mini-projects familiarises pupils with the requirements of the controlled assessment coursework component, such as researching, analysing, planning and evaluating. These projects also allow pupils the opportunity to develop as designers. The theoretical aspects of these courses are covered, too, with a focus on commercial production. Both courses require controlled assessment coursework projects (GCSE 50% and Technical Award 60%). These are both started toward the latter end of the year, with its completion in Year 11. During Year 11 further theory is covered, along with revision and examination preparation for the 40% - 50% exam.

Home Economics

Food and Nutrition we introduce a range of cookery skills and theory work to the students in Year 10. We link this with controlled assessment as there are 3 short tasks, each worth 10% of the overall grade, to be completed. In Year 11, the students do a long task piece of controlled assessment. This is worth 30% of their overall grade. The students independently write their own task title for this on a focussed area they are interested in. Also in Year 11, we complete further theory along with revision and examination preparation.

Key Stage 5

For those that wish to study Design & Technology further the faculty offer the following course: AQA Design & Technology: Product Design. This is a linear course and students will work on 2 coursework projects (50%) over both years and sit 2 exams (50%) at the end of Year 13.