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Blazers Students are expected to wear black blazers.
Coats Outside coats should be smart; no denims or leathers.
Shoes Plain black, sensible, flat, smart leather school shoes. These must be leather shoes without a rubber toecap, which can be polished and NOT leather trainers or 'pumps' eg Converse / Vans / Adidas etc. Boots, suede, canvas shoes, trainers, sandals, flip-flops or high heeled shoes are not acceptable. 
Trousers Plain black, full length tailored trousers (not clinging nor made from stretch fabric. Jeans material is not acceptable). 
Skirts Black school skirt; in the approved school style. Skirts should be knee length (no stretchy material) No fashion style skirts.
Shirt Plain white shirt; worn with a school tie, top button must be fastened.
Sweater/Cardigan Plain black V neck sweater or cardigan (optional).
Socks White/grey/black socks or neutral/black tights.
Tie School tie must be worn at all times.
Jewellery Students are not allowed to wear jewellery except for a wristwatch and a signet ring of plain design. Students are permitted to wear one stud ear-ring in each ear lobe. Any other body piercings are not allowed in school.
Make-up Light make-up may be worn by students above Year 9. Bright make-up or lipstick is not acceptable.
Valuables Please do not bring expensive items or large sums of money. Personal entertainment equipment is brought into school at students’ own risk. Mobile phones must not be used during the school day, unless agreed by a teacher in a classroom.

Extremes of fashion in dress and hairstyle are not acceptable. Anyone whose dress or appearance is not considered suitable for school will be asked to change it.