Knowledge Organisers

One key change to our equipment list for this year is the introduction of Knowledge organiser booklets for year 7 and year 8. All students in these years have been given a hard copy of their Knowledge organisers for all their subjects for this term. It contains all the core knowledge and information students will learn as they move through the curriculum. This resource is incredibly powerful for students to use to regularly self-quiz and test themselves on what they are learning, read ahead or refer to for homework or revision and provide you as parents with a key picture of precisely what your son/daughter is studying this term.

Students are expected to take care of them, bring them to all lessons and use them frequently for independent study. In years 9, 10 and 11 departments will distribute subject specific knowledge organisers as required due to students each having a broad and unique set of options.

Please look at them frequently with your son/daughter and ask them about what they have been covering. This is a great way to support their learning and also for you to see for yourselves what they understand.

Year 7 Autumn Knowledge organiser

Year 8 Autumn Knowledge organiser