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Committees and Membership

In order to carry out our role efficiently and effectively the detailed work of the Governing Body is undertaken by three committees. In addition to attending Full Governing Body meetings, all governors sit on at least one committee. The Committees report back to half termly meetings of the Governing Body at which broader issues are discussed and agreed.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee regularly reviews progress, examination and other performance data. Recommends attainment targets and monitors student attendance. The Committee also ensures that SEN requirements are met, thus promoting high standards of achievement for all.

Committee Membership
Mr Ashley Winters (Chair)  
Mr Billy Downie Mr Mark Farmer

Mr Roland Roberts

Mr Will Trugeon-Smith


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee ensures sound management of the Academy’s finances including proper planning, monitoring and probity. Reviews internal controls and carries out duties of the audit committee as delegated by the Full Governing Body. Oversees the management of the budget and cash-flow including variances and projections.

Committee Membership
Mr Adrian Hutton  Mr Steve Rees (Chair)
Mr Billy Downie Mr Michael Chubb
Mr John Long Ms Christina Law

People Committee

The People Committee considers any matters arising in respect of staffing, H.R., Staff/Students discipline issues and Admissions to the Academy.

Committee Membership
Mr Mark Farmer (Chair) Mrs Sherrie Watkins
Mr Billy Downie  

Governors with special responsibilities

Governors' Responsibilities
Mr Roland Roberts Chair of Governors
Mr Steven Rees Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Mark Farmer Race
Mr Roland Roberts Attendance and Behaviour
Mr Ashley Winters SEN/Safeguarding
Mr Steven Rees Pupil Premium/Ever6
Mr Adrian Hutton Health and Safety
Mrs Sherrie Watkins Careers

The Streetly Academy Governing Body and Academy Trust

Streetly School became an Academy 9th November 2011. The Academy is a State-funded Independent School and is a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, controlled by the Academy Trust.

The Academy is subject to a funding agreement which is a formal contract between The Streetly Academy and the Department for Education.

The Streetly Academy Funding Agreement specifies that the members of the Academy Trust are the holders of the following posts:

  • The Chair of the Governing Body
  • The Vice Chair of the Governing Body
  • The Chair of the Finance Committee
  • The Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  • The Chair of the People Committee

The Current Trust Members are:

  • Mr Roland Roberts (Chair of Governing Body)
  • Mr Tony Beason (Vice Chair of the Governing Body)
  • Mr Steven Rees  (Vice Chair of the Governing Body/Chair of Finance Committee)
  • Mr Ashley Winters (Chair of the Curriculum Committee)
  • Mr Mark Farmer (Chair of the People Committee)

A meeting of the Full Governing Body takes place half-termly.

For information on the date and time of the next meeting, and the protocol for attending these meetings, or to contact the Chair of Governors please contact Mrs D Leese, Clerk to the Governors

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