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Department Staff



Miss P Dhaliwal Director of Mathematics and Assistant Head Teacher
Miss A Carlyle Second in Department, responsible for KS4
Mrs R Gilman Maths Teacher
Miss F Kimbley Maths Teacher
Miss E Ashby Maths Teacher
Mr M Marsh Maths Teacher 
Miss C Westwood Maths Teacher and Assistant Head of Year
Miss C Rock Maths Teacher, responsible for KS3
Miss S Gingell Maths Teacher
Mrs L Hackett Maths Teacher 
Miss A Murrey-Johnson  
Mr D Wood Teacher of Maths and PE
Mr I Akhtar Mathematics Coach

Our commitment to offering extra support

The Mathematics department is a dedicated team of professionals, who offer regular support at lunchtimes and at the end of the day to any students who request or require it. We have a dedicated Maths Coach to also support students in their learning.  

To help support your child’s learning from home, students have access to a number of packages via a personal login.  These can be found by following the links below:


Suitable for all students - online lessons & homeworks.

Visit the MyMaths website


Suitable for all students - videos, self-marking questions, printable questions.

Visit the Mathswatch website


Suitable for Y10 and 11 - online, self-marking exam papers.

Visit the Methodmaths website


Suitable for Y7, 8, 9 - maths games for basic skills practice.

Visit the Sumdog website

Key Stage 3 and 4

  • Key Stage 3 (7 hours per fortnight)
  • Key Stage 4 (8 hours per fortnight)

Students are set according to ability.  All students will follow one of four pathways through a 5-year scheme of work. This will cover all appropriate Key Stage 3 and 4 content which will build up to their GCSE examinations.

Mathematics GCSE follows a two-tier system: Higher and Foundation. Depending on their pathway, students learning will be focussed towards one of these tiers during years 10 & 11.

Key Stage 5

Students can choose to study A level Mathematics. We currently follow the reformed Edexcel programme. The course includes Pure Mathematics (2/3), and Applied Mathematics: Statistics & Mechanics (1/3). Students will learn content over the two years and will assessed by examination at the end of Year 13.