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All our students and parents have access to high-quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities.

What is Labour market information ? 

Career and Labour Market Information includes information on future study options as well as information on jobs and the labour market. 

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What information does it include? 

• Skills, career pathways and progression routes in the
local labour market
• Job applications and interviews
• Educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry
requirements and costs
• Professional bodies
• Employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and
employment trends
• Jobs, training and apprenticeships
• Job demands and working life
• Financial planning


We encourage our parents to access and use the information about labour markets and future study options to support their children.

The Streetly Academy arranges for our students to gain information first-hand through encounters with employers. We also advertise local labour market information to help students, parents and staff understand the changing labour market in their area. This is advertised in this section and at parents evenings, other school events and staff CPD training sessions. 

We believe by having access and learning from career and labour market information our students and their families will.. 

1.  help our students and their families connect to a different future and raise aspirations. 
2. Give our students the knowledge to put their plans into action.  The streetly Academy and parents can help to provide detailed information about progression routes, relevant coursesand employers and useful networks strengthens theircapacity to make effective choices and transitions.
3. Our  students, parents and teachers will be updated about new and developing routes and pathways, such as technical levels in occupational areas and the continued expansion of apprenticeships.
4. Our  Students will have strong digital skills to make good use of online information about career exploration,making applications, self-presentation and professional networking.

Key Decision Points in school 

Year 9 - GCSE options and exploring careers

Year 11 - Post 16 study options 

Year 13 - Post 18 options

Some useful Labour market resources below ... 

Click here for Streetly Labour Market Information

1. National Careers Service Site - This site offers around  800 job profiles and can help illustrate careers activities and offer online guidance for young people.

2. With the below links you  will be abale to obtain the labour market summaries for your LEP area. These will provide useful information on majoremployers and sectors and developing trends.

Black Country

Greater Birmingham and Solihull 

3. LMI for All is an online data portal that connects and standardises existing sources of high quality,reliable LMI. 

4.  Use the Careerometer Widget 

5.  Nomis is your one-stop shop for labour market information. The summary pages provide key trend data about or local area. 

6. I Could provides 1,000 different video clips of LMIand personal career stories to help students explore different career routes and pathways.

7. Get In Go Far is the government portal for information about apprenticeships, with a linked website to find liveapprenticeship vacancies.

8. Amazing Apprenticeships provides free talks andguidance to schools via the Apprenticeship Support Knowledge service (ASK).

9. National Careers Week provides a range of posters,inspirational quotes and links to the Royal Bank of Scotland Kickstart resources.

10. This government tool allows you to use your postcode to search for courses and qualifications available in your local area.

11. Office for students England helps you identify the Single Points of Contact in your Higher Education Networks, along with local outreach events such as summer schools and advice and information on progression.

12. Career Companion is an independent and impartial guide to careers information on the internet (subscription required).

14.  Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards provides free, sector-specific careers information for young people through the network of Sector Skills
Councils (SSCs).

Throughout their time at Streetly our students will have access to information on differetn jobs and occupations, and on the labour market at local, regional, national and international levels. 


Key Terms our students need to know... 


Key Terms  Explantion
Curriculum Vitae (CV) A document used to communicate your skills, qualifications and experience to potential employers. 
Employment  A relationshipo between two parties (an employer and an employee) An employee gives up their time to do a job in exchange for money. You can also be self employed this is when you earn money without an employer. 
Labour Market The world of work is like a marketplace. Employers are buying employees and employees and selling their time and labour. 
Occupation This describes a type of job or series of closely related jobs. 
Recruitment The process of finding employees to fill vacanies 
Salary A regular payment made to someone for the work that they do. 
Sector The type of organisation you work for . 
Trends Economists look at what happens in the past to make a guess about what might happen in the future. 
Work This term describes anything that an individual does which takes their time and energy. This is different from employment as we are not always paid for work. 







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