Information for Parents and Carers

As their parent or carer, you are likely to be the single biggest influence on your child’s thoughts and feelings about their future career. It is really important that you are aware of the influence you have and that you try your best to make this positive, supportive and empowering.

Download this Parent Guide which has lots of advice and guidance from supporting you in how to start conversations about careers with your child, looking at skills, explaining pathways into work, qualifications and subject specific information. 

Parents Guide

Tips to help your child with their career plans

  • Talk to them from time to time about possible careers they might be interested in and why they appeal. Remember that career choice is a personal decision.
  • Encourage them to take an interest in the occupations or past careers of family members and other adults who they come into contact with so they can learn about different career experiences and develop their own network.

  • Help them to explore the possible employers, apprenticeship providers and further education courses available in your local area

  •  Attend open events and information sessions with them

  • Encourage them to participate in out of school activities as they are valuable in helping them develop and demonstrate essential skills to future employers and education providers

Useful websites

  • The Careers section of this website provides information on all the stages of your child's journey through Secondary School
  • The Careers Writers Association has developed a website aimed at parents and carers that you may find helpful



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