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The English curriculum is meticulously planned to guide  our students through the skills needed to success at GCSE and beyond. But it is also planned  to engage them with our love of Literature and English so they develop a lifelong love of books and all they have to offer.

We enrich the classroom experience, embedding our whole school TEEP strategy, using competitions, projects and days out to bring the texts to life.  We have a wealth and breadth of trips and visitors in school: from Shakespeare theatre trips and workshops to rap poetry, creative writing, visits to Premiership football clubs and Harry Potter World experiences to name just  a few.  

Our schemes of work weave together the skills used in English and communication in the ‘real world’ with the experiences of characters in literature, all the time developing vocabulary and uses of language in ways that will benefit young people in school and long after they have left us.

We also place great pride in our high expectations of students reading every night and preparing for learning through carefully planned homework. This means lessons are focused on applying that learning effectively and accelerating their understanding.

All of our students will be entered for and achieve two GCSEs, English Language and English Literature. Throughout these courses, students study poetry, a modern text, Shakespeare and a 19th Century text. They also build their creative skills through writing and media studies.

We encourage our GCSE  and A level students to exceed their targets through enrichment days, booster sessions, independent study and focused intervention sets. We also have academic coaches that work with our students throughout the day to help students reach their targets.

Many of our students choose to return to us for courses in the sixth form. Our subject specialists teach courses they are passionate about and consequently this passion is transferred to our students. We offer Literature and Language with exciting choices of texts and modules to study.

We aim to have every student leave our team with a deep understanding of English and its place in the world and hope that a good proportion of these also leave with a passion and respect for at least one facet of the language.