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Health & Social Care

Intent: To give students the knowledge about how to improve the quality of life for people with differing needs in all Health & Social Care environments creating care solutions to a range of issues.  Gain awareness of the importance of being able to communicate effectively and the Values of Care, including how they underpin all HSC services. To understand patients rights to confidentiality, choice, dignity, equality and beliefs, linking to the legislation that underpins and impacts upon all care settings. To explore and review the major body systems, functions, malfunctions, treatments and design of care options.

The course:

OCR Level 1\2 Cambridge Nationals Health and Social Care


Cambridge Nationals in Health and Social Care will equip learners with sound specialist knowledge and skills for everyday use. They will also challenge all learners by introducing them to demanding material and skills; encouraging independence and creativity; providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of health and social care topics (including Values of Care and the current legislation requirements and the importance of softer skills such as communication skills to ensure individuals right to independence and dignity).

Students study the following Units over the 2 year course:


  • R021: Essential Values of Care for use with individuals in Care Settings.(Written Examination)
  • R022: Communication in Health & Social Care (Coursework)
  • R023: Understanding body systems and disorders (Coursework)
  • R029: Understanding the nutrients needed for good growth (Coursework)

Assessments are via regular tests, mini projects and assessment tasks.