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The personal and social health education programme aims to enable students to develop a healthy, safe lifestyle and to make informed choices regarding personal, social and moral issues. The programme incorporates sessions on drug education and substance abuse and sex and relationships education. 

Drug Education

Schools/Academies play a key role in providing drug education and we aim to create a safe and supportive environment that enables young people to develop their knowledge, understanding, and attitudes to drugs and drug related issues and the consequences of substance abuse.

Sex and Relationships Education

SRE is also incorporated into the PSHCE programme and is taught within a moral and values framework which enables students to make informed choices in their later lives.


The citizenship programme aims to give students the knowledge, skills and understanding to become informed, thoughtful and responsible citizens. We aim to achieve this by raising their political awareness in addition to their awareness of moral and social responsibilities and understanding of their role within the local, national and global community. The Citizenship programme promotes an understanding and respect for diversity and an awareness of rights and responsibilities and what these can mean in practice.

We encourage students to become involved in active citizenship projects and our students regularly raise money for a number of different charities.