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Key Worker Survey

Following the announcements both from the Prime Minister and the Education Secretary on the 18th of March regarding school closure, it is essential that we know the accurate number of parents whom fall into the key worker category.
In the absence of a definite government list, this includes (*it may be necessary to amend this list of categories once the Department for Education releases their definitive list):

- NHS staff, Ambulance service, Pharmacies & Carers
- Police Force, Fire & rescue service and Armed forces
- Teachers
- Supermarket workers or delivery drivers 

We also need to know not only whether you fall into one of the above categories but also whether you intend to send your children into school during this closure period. You may prefer that they work from home.

It must be stressed the school is unable to provide provision beyond the identified key worker roles. We appreciate this will create challenges for us all but we can only operate at essential capacity during this period. We therefore ask if neither parent/guardian falls into the key worker category then please do not complete this form.

Notes: **We can only provide this provision if both parents/guardians fall into the key worker category for couples or for single parent/guardian families where that parent is in a key worker category.  Please include the name(s) and jobs of each parent. Parents may be asked to provide documentary proof of their employment.
Input 1 student's name and year group at a time. There will be options to name additional students later in the form.

Please note this provision is available from Friday the 20th of March

Please fill the form in at the link below:


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