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Stepping up to Sixth Form study is both challenging and exciting. It requires you to have secured a successful study record and to have a genuine motivation to learn. We wish to remain an open and inclusive Sixth Form; most importantly we wish to see you enrolled on an appropriate course, set for success. Innate curiosity, zest for learning and an appetite for challenge and discovery are always desirable. Evidence shows that students need to have successfully secured a variety of skills, through a range of learning experiences, to successfully meet the challenges of Advanced Level Study. Our A Level programme acknowledges the challenges that different subjects present. Some are harder than others. Because of this, many of our subjects carry additional entry criteria. We look closely at your examination results and will advise you to follow courses in which your chances of success are greatly enhanced. Our current policy is for all students to follow three courses of study in sixth form.  

General Admission to the Sixth Form

Enrolment upon courses is conditional on meeting both the Minimum Entry Criteria and Individual Subject Criteria. Criteria for individual subjects are outlined on pages 9-11 of the Sixth Form prospectus

Minimum Entry Criteria Pathway
Total point score 37 or higher from best 7 GCSEs  including English Language and Mathematics graded 5 or higher 1. A levels
Total point score of 31 or higher from best 7 GCSEs including English Language and Mathematics graded 4 or higher

2. Mixed programme:  vocational and A Levels

(A resit is required in either English Language and/or Mathematics where a grade 4 is achieved)


GCSE Total Point Score

The GCSE Total Point Score is the sum of your best 7 GCSE grades.  Most students will have followed a minimum of 8 GCSE courses. In some schools they may have followed a few more.  So a student’s total point score will vary depending on the curriculum that they’ve followed.  To allow for this, your total point score discards these extra courses to enable fair comparison.  In some instances a student will have a lower grade in one or more subjects.  These will lower their overall grade profile.  Using the best 7 approach, these low grades will be removed from the total point score to focus upon the best performances across seven courses.  In this way, students taking fewer or more subjects are not disadvantaged.

Example grade profiles:

31 4+4+4+4+5+5+5 (Best 7 grades)
37 4+4+5+6+6+6+6 (Best 7 grades)