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Department Staff

Miss A Copsey Head of Drama
Mr R Quinn Teacher of Drama, Head of Year 7
Mr M Morris-Jones Teacher of Drama, Head of Sixth Form


Drama is a popular subject within the academy. All KS3 students have a one hour lesson per week in year 7 and 8. At year 9 we offer an enrichment option, with 3 hours a fortnight. At  KS4 we offer GCSE Drama and at KS5 we offer A-level Theatre Studies.

We believe that Drama impacts on many aspects of our student’s education, achievements and wellbeing, and is a respected element of the academy’s provision.

Our base is the Drama Studio in the Hundred Acre building and we also have two dedicated areas in B-Block and the Main Stage.

Drama plays an important and respected part of extracurricular activities, and students are encouraged to make the most of what is offered.

Our Vision

Our vision for drama at Streetly Academy is:

  • That Drama  will have an impact on the growth of social skills and creativity of pupils, igniting a passion for expression.

  • That pupils will regard Drama as an enjoyable, positive and inclusive subject.

  • That Drama is seen as valuable part of the curriculum, and its historical and cultural importance in the world today.

  • That extra-curricular activities will broaden horizons and encourage active engagement and involvement in an “arts” experience.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe in the value and importance of work done outside the classroom, including workshops with outside agencies, academy based clubs, Theatre and workshop trips, performance work in the studio and whole  academy productions.

We strive to provide opportunities for students whenever possible.

Key Stage 3


progress in drama cannot always be identified through the application of the skills alone.  Drama assessments are holistic by design, and depend to a great extent on the students own identified targets for improvement. Year 7 and 8 pupils are assessed in the three strands: creating , performing and responding to theatre making.

They participate in a range of schemes which look at narrative structures, skills and historical theatre. We also introduce script based work in key stage 3.

Year 9 – Enrichment Year

The aim in year 9 is to develop and hone skills as theatre makers. Challenging pupils to create GCSE quality performance and exposing them to more challenging and contemporary styles of performance.


Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama

The GCSE Drama curriculum (as all subjects) changed in 2018. OCR Drama Specification is what we teach at Streetly Academy.

Component 1: Devising
Coursework 30% of the qualification 
Content Overview

Create and develop a devised piece of theatre from stimulus which is performed for an audience. (40%)

Pupils create a written  portfolio which analyses and evaluates the devising process and performance. (60%)

Component 2: Performance from a Text
Coursework 30% of the qualification.
Content Overview

Students will perform two key extracts from a performance text.

Centre choice of performance text.

Pupils prepare a written Concept proforma which accompanies their work.

This component is externally assessed by a visiting examiner.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice
Written Examination 1 hour 30 minutes - 40% of the qualification
Content Overview

Practical exploration and study of Blood Brothers by Willy Russel.

Students will answer a mixture of questions relating to the staging of their studied text.

Live theatre evaluation – free choice of production. Pupils will analyse the impact of a performance on a live audience.

Students need the ability to research and learn independently to gain the most from this subject. Their understanding of Theatre and Theatre craft can only be developed by seeing theatre. Whilst we ensure that each student has at least the minimum provision required – we hope that students will want to embed their enjoyment of theatre and attend as many performances, professional or amateur, to extend their experience and learning.

Key Stage 5

A Level Drama and Theatre Studies 


Students study for the OCR A Level in Drama and Theatre Studies.

Students who have not studied Drama during Key Stage 4 are not exempt from taking the A Level, but may find the style and approach to the written work different to other subjects. A love of performing and a creative and enquiring mind are the most important requisites for success in this subject.

Practically pupils will explore the work of theatre makers, and create a devised performance in the style of the work. Pupils will also perform form a script, this unit is externally examined by a visiting examiner.  The plays studied and performed are different each year in response to the size of the group and the mix of genders. The plays have to be challenging enough to develop the students’ abilities and fulfil the examination board’s criteria.

The OCR A Level course also  involves two written examinations at the end of the course, “Deconstructing text for a Performance”, designed to examine theatre from a directorial perspective. The paper also has a review of a live performance. The Second paper “ Analysing Performance” examines the theme of conflict using two texts chosen by the exam board.


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