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All students are entitled access to a careers education programme, students are helped to become more self-aware, provided with better information about opportunities; supported with evaluating information and making decisions; helped with planning their next steps and to ensure that staff who support students are knowledgeable about new opportunities.

Streetly  Academy ‘s aim  is to prepare our students for the journey into the world of work, further education, Higher education, technical routes and apprenticeships always raising our students aspirations and expectations of themselves.  This is about gaining the qualifications that open the doors to their chosen profession and having the skills knowledge and ability to excel. This works side by side with our pride values – Personal Excellence, Respect and friendship, inspiration, determination and courage and Equality.

  • Personal Excellence - perform to the best of your ability and strive for more so you can access to the world of work and further/higher education, technical routes and apprenticeships. Strive to meet or exceed target grades to open up more opportunities to you. Independent work around careers exploration and next steps, your future is in your hands.

  • Respect and Friendship - effectively  communicate with school/ career staff and parents to create a plan and set SMART targets. Respect employers, apprenticeship providers and HE/FE providers who assist you in your journey. Take lead of your future only you can change what is meant to be !

  • Inspiration - use your  initiative to help prepare yourself for the world of work. Be a positive role model to your peers and be the very best version of you.

  • Determination and Courage - overcome barriers to learning in order to achieve your future goals

  • Equality - see things from different perspectives , have high expectations of yourself and your future and high aspirations !


All students will leave the Academy having received impartial careers information, advice & guidance as well as work related learning (through subject enhancement , enterprise activities, industry visits and career talks)


As a student you are entitled to expect that the Academy will

  • Understand yourself, your interests, likes and dislikes, what you are good at and how this affects the choices you make.

  • Find out about different courses, what qualifications you might need and what opportunities there might be

  • Develop the skills you may need for working life and make realistic, but ambitious, choices about courses and jobs

  • Develop a plan of action for the future and understand the different routes after Year 11 and 13 including training, further and higher education and jobs

  • Be able to make effective applications for jobs, training and further and higher education

  • Developing through careers, employability and enterprise activities.

  • Learning about careers and the world of work and investigating opportunities


We expect students to

• Be active in helping yourself as well as expecting us to help you

• Be prepared to be realistic in considering the range of options available and in making choices about those options

• Be prepared to learn and stretch yourself in order to reach your potential

• Be punctual, hardworking and considerate of others


As a carer/parent you are entitled to expect the Academy will

  • Enable you to take an active part in the processes described above and attend your child's guidance interview if you wish

  • Attendance at parent’s evening and other events, research with your child at home careers , opportunities and pathways available to them

  • Encourage your child with their aspirations and promote positive expectations of themselves


Understanding CEAIG

CEAIG Information

what it is and how it relates to the curriculum

CEAIG – Careers Education Advice Information & Guidance

Subjects teach knowledge and skills that students may want to pursue into a career. Teachers should discuss potential career avenues for their subjects

1.Careers Education – A planned programme (experiences within the curriculum and outside school) that helps them to gain knowledge and develop skills for planning and managing their careers.

2. Information – Will be given about the range of opportunities and options available at key transition points in a student’s education- Including options, skills, occupations, labour market information (LMI), pathways and progression routes

3. Advice – help for individuals to enable them to review, plan and manage their learning and progression to the next stage

4. Guidance – Help from a career advisor with knowledge of opportunities and the pathways to and through them, so they can identify their long term goals and plan steps to attain them.

Delivering CEAIG in the curriculum and across the whole school

For all year groups, careers is delivered through the curriculum.  Students from years 7-11 benefit from a careers programme delivered during PSHE and Plenary and through subject enhancement days  We have a dedicated careers library based in the main school library and students are encouraged to use the resources. All year 11 students will benefit from having careers guidance interview with the Academy’s Career lead.  Sixth form students have a dedicated sixth form pastoral team based in the sixth form who can deliver aspects of CEIAG. Appointments with Mrs O’connor are also available for sixth form students.

Where to access relevant and up to date careers information

Students and parents are encouraged to access a number of resources…

Speaking to teachers about careers in their subject areas and under graduate options,   attending career speaker sessions and subject enhancement days, speaking to Mrs O’Connor careers leader for the academy, visits to further and Higher educational establishments and training providers, visit the careers section on the Academy website, visit to the careers library, booklets/literature at parents evenings , careers websites, in particular... , and , PSHE lessons, LMI resources, CV and jobs resources on student area and on webpage

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