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Loan a School Chromebook for £50 deposit

This option enables a student to loan a Chromebook which they will use during the day and take home after school. The £50 deposit is used to cover the cost of any damage to the device or accessories and will be returned, less any reductions for repairs, once the Chromebook, charger and case are handed in at the end of the loan period - provided the equipment is in satisfactory condition. For this option, the school remains the owner of the Chromebook and there is no choice of Chromebook make or model. The Chromebook may have been used previously by other students, and can be changed at the school’s discretion at any time for a different make or model. The Chromebook must be kept in its school provided case, a charge will be payable to replace a lost case or accessory.

Loan of a Locker Chromebook £0

In this instance the student collects a Chromebook each day from lockers before school and returns it the end of the school day.  The Chromebook will remain in school at all times and will be charged in lockers. The device cannot be taken home and the Chromebook remains the property of the school at all times. The device must be kept in a case.

Own Chromebook Device

You can purchase your own Chromebook and bring it to school, we cannot offer any repairs for these devices but may be able to offer support in a limited capacity.





When will students use the Chromebook?

Students will be expected to bring a fully charged Chromebook to every lesson, just like they bring a pen and planner.  The Chromebook can last up to 12 hours between charges - students will not be able to charge the Chromebook in school.

Can I connect the Chromebook to the internet at my house?

Chromebooks use Wifi to connect to a network, so you will need broadband with WiFi at home to use the Chromebook on the Internet. If you have WiFi, your network security key can be added to the Chromebook before log on. 

What happens if the Chromebook is accidentally damaged?

For an Option 1 purchase of a Chromebook, these can be taken into the IT Support Department who will contact the insurance company on your behalf, the device will be sent away to be repaired. A £10 excess (which the insurance company has insisted that the school must charge) is payable to the school by you. The chromebook will only be covered by insurance/warranty for a set period of time, any repairs must be conducted under these policies and we are unable to repair the Chromebook in-house during or after this period.

For Option 2 £50 deposit Chromebooks these devices are owned by the school, and may be sent off for repair or repaired in house. If a student who has paid a £50 deposit damages the Chromebook, then the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit and only what remains will be returned at the end of the loan.

What happens if the Chromebook, case or charger  is lost or stolen?

If a Chromebook is lost or stolen, it is important that it is reported to the IT Support team immediately.  The Chromebook will be remotely disabled, which renders it unusable and unfit for resale. Complete loss of a £50 deposit chromebook will mean loss of all deposit money, and needing to pay another deposit to re-enter the deposit chromebook scheme. Some deposit money will be lost if a student loses a Chromebook charger or case, payment will be required if the student owns the Chromebook for a replacement charger or case.

How will the Chromebook be backed up?

Work is stored in Google drive and our students have unlimited storage space.

What happens when I leave The Streetly Academy?

If you have a Viglen 11C or 360C Chromebook you keep the device. For the £50 deposit the Chromebook must be returned to the school along with its accessories, failure to do so will result in the device being locked and the deposit being lost.

Why do repairs void the warranty?

This is due to repairs not being undertaken by the manufacturer but the repair company. 

Is there a Responsible Use Policy?

Yes, please see below.

Where can I find the full Insurance Terms & Conditions?

These should be available on the Streetly Academy Website, or can be requested if necessary from the IT Support department.

What about filtering/internet safety?

The Streetly Academy takes the online safety of your child seriously. Within school access on any wired or wireless device is filtered through Smoothwall and GoGuardian, that blocks potentially harmful content and websites. Outside of school where internet connections may not be filtered, Chromebooks that are managed by Streetly Academy will continue to run software called GoGuardian. This software works in two ways, by filtering inappropriate content and by looking at the behaviour of what is being searched or viewed. If it is deemed the search or websites being accessed could be a risk to the child e.g. explicit content. Then safeguarding team members will be alerted and if necessary they will respond to the incident. 


Responsible Use Policy

For students using the academy’s IT infrastructure and / or equipment or their own equipment on the academy’s site

The academy provides IT hardware and infrastructure for appropriate use by students to support their school activities. The academy expects all users of its system to practice appropriate and safe behaviour when online. By using the academy’s hardware / infrastructure you agree to the following terms.


By any use of IT (personal or school-provided) within the school site you…

  • Agree to use personal devices only in the designated social / external areas and at designated times.

  • Agree to use personal devices for lawful purposes only.

  • Agree to never take photos, audio or video of another person without their explicit permission.

  • Agree to report any instances of cyberbullying, misuse of equipment to your Head of Year.

  • Agree to never plug in personal charging equipment into the academy’s electrical supply.

  • Agree to never attempt to bypass any network security systems on site.

  • Agree to common password security standards:

    • Maintaining a strong password

    • Not sharing your password with others

    • Checking for privacy when entering your password

    • Using unique passwords for different sites / systems you use


Use of the BYOD WiFi network

By accessing the BYOD network you…

  • Understand that access to this network is via the academy’s filtering systems.

  • Understand that this network is provided by the academy as an additional, free service and carries no guarantee of availability or security.

  • Agree to only use the network for reasonable and lawful purposes such as school based research, work, communications, etc.

  • Agree to only use the network’s bandwidth in a reasonable way and “fair use” manner by; for example, not uploading/ downloading large files.

  • Agree to ensure any personal device connected to the BYOD network is secured and protected appropriately from malware, viruses, trojans etc.

  • Agree to not bypass filtering or other control measures on the BYOD network.

  • Agree to not knowingly download malware or other software with the intention of bypassing security systems, or visit “cracking” or proxy sites to do the same.


Use of Academy-provided Devices

The academy provides devices to specific groups of students to support their school-based activities.

By accepting the loan of the device you…

  • Understand the device may be monitored on and off site.

  • Understand the device is supplied to you for work-related use only, and is not for anyone else to use.

  • Agree to only use the device for lawful and work-related purposes only.

  • Agree to bring the device with you each working day in a charged and work-ready condition.

  • Agree to our technical team physically inspecting the device without notice.

  • Agree to never install any app, plugin or extension to attempt to disable or bypass the academy’s monitoring or filtering systems.

  • Agree to take due care of the devices and accessories to prevent damage by:

    • Keeping the device clean

    • Using protective devices / cases correctly

    • Taking care to leave any unattended devices in a secure location

    • Agree to password-lock any device that is left unattended

Chromebook Repairs

If a Chromebook requires repair, this may be undertaken by the warranty or insurance company. In these instances a third party will repair the Chromebook. The School has no control over the length of time or quality of the repair, as these are governed by the third parties own policies and standards.

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