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There are many ways our teacher's  bring careers learning into our classrooms such as... 


 1. External people in to support lessons or our subject enhancement days

2. Using a video or film set in real-life working situation

3. Using a newspaper or magazine article to spark discussion

4. Had an expert in to speak about something or support subject enhancement days

5. Promoting team working or communication skills or any other transferable skill 

6. Speaking to students about what they want to do when they leave school

7. Asking students to think about what future careers in your subject area might look like

8. Taken a trip out somewhere ' encouraging students to 'job spot' when out 

9. Having a ‘jobs using this subject’ display.

10.  setting work in real life scenarios which expand students’ familiarity with different jobs


What careers link with DT? 

What Careers link to Chemistry? 

What Careers link to History? 

What Careers link to English? 

What Careers link to Music?

What Careers link to Geography? 

What Careers link to Languages ?

What Careers link to Psychology? 

What Careers link to Maths? 

What Careers link to Physics?

What Careers link to Biology?



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