Welcome to our Special Educational Needs & Disabilities department (SEND)

At The Streetly Academy we are a fully inclusive mainstream school with our emphasis always being on universal ‘Quality First Teaching’ for all. All teachers are accountable for the progress of every student they teach regardless of need.

Every student, including those with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND), is encouraged to aspire to achieve the very best that they can, within an ethos of high expectations, with outstanding provision. Every teacher is a teacher of every child or young person including those with SEND. Special educational provision is available to those who need it and is underpinned by high quality teaching; we place a heavy emphasis on quality first teaching for all. We cater for a range of disabilities across all four areas of need, adhering to the graduated response, enabling students to access mainstream education, supporting both academic and emotional wellbeing needs to enable each individual to flourish.

Our intent is to: 

Develop students to become effective, resilient and independent learners, confidently progressing from KS2 transition to Post 16 opportunities.

Create holistic independence through:

  • Empathetically scaffolded and bespoke support
  • Implementing a flexible, graduated approach (Assess, Plan, Do, Review).
  • Enable our students to overcome personal barriers and challenges with determination and courage.
  • Embed the Principles of Practice, ensuring clear triangulation and communication between students, SEND team and Streetly staff
  • Ensure our students achieve Personal Excellence in every aspect of their school lives leading to academic, social and emotional success, regardless of personal differences.

For further information about the support we offer to students with Special Educational Needs, please see our Local Offer below.

The SENDCo is Mrs P Wiley who can be contacted either by email at P.wiley@thestreetlyacademy.co.uk. Or by telephone on 0121 353 2709 Ext: 108.


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