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We are proud to offer a range of courses of study within the Sixth Form, with the majority of these being GCE A Levels. Some of these are in traditional academic disciplines - the subjects you might have studied at GCSE - English Literature or History, for example; others are non-traditional or vocational subjects such as Environmental Sciences, Media Studies or Tourism. Some courses are wholly assessed through examination; many offer some practical or coursework assessment.

Level 3 Study

Level 3 courses provide the opportunity to secure in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular subject and are very valuable for those students looking at going on to university, training or employment. Within the Sixth Form, these courses comprise both A Levels, BTEC's and Cambridge Technical qualifications.

A Levels (GCE Advanced Levels)

A Levels are a more traditional route into higher education or university. They can be in familiar, academic subjects such as Mathematics and History or in non-traditional and vocational areas such as Business Studies or Media Studies. Since September 2015 A Levels have undergone reform. These reforms will have been completed by the time you enrol in The Streetly Academy Sixth Form and all A Levels in September 2019 will have changed. These new A Levels are two-year courses, and all of the assessments which contribute to your final marks are completed at the end of your two years in the Sixth Form. These new courses are mostly assessed through examination; only a few of them have coursework elements and these usually carry far fewer marks than the examination components. With few exceptions, coursework elements appear only in the second year of the programme. 

BTEC National Courses

These are vocational or work-related courses. Like A Levels, they are Level 3 courses, but provide a more practical and vocational approach to learning. They can provide an ideal next step if you have taken BTEC courses in Year 11. Like A Levels, BTECs have undergone significant reform. These courses still carry a valuable coursework component, but are increasingly using examinations as a significant, additional form of assessment. These courses are not easy options. Changes to how BTECs are assessed mean that you must pass all assessments within the time provided or you will be unable to complete the course.