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We believe that creativity is a fundamental aspect of any education.

To develop the creative possibilities within each pupil we endeavour to provide a stimulating and exciting environment where students can develop their artistic creativity whether they are studying Art for examinations or as an introduction to the subject. We strive for excellence and aim to expose students to as much art as possible.

The Art department at The Streetly Academy prides itself on making art meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to all students whilst promoting the confidence and desire in the students to produce work of quality. In order to achieve these objectives an understanding of the formal elements of art and design is essential together with a technical competence in a wide range of media. Practical demonstrations are central to the teaching ethos of the department providing an effective means of introducing new skills and techniques whilst generating confidence in the students.

As Michelangelo once said:

The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it, but that we aim too low and we reach it.

Department Team

Currently there are two full time Art specialist teachers and one part time Art specialist member of staff within the department:

Mr N Osborne Head of Art, full time
Mrs M Bradley  Art Teacher, full time
Mrs Paula Wiley Head of SENCO - Art Teacher, part time

Teaching staff within the Department offer a wide range of specialist areas. These include Painting and Drawing, which is taught by all staff; 3D/Ceramics; printmaking; Textiles; Art History and IT. Art is taught within an environment which encourages pupils to become resourceful in their approach to work, and to build on basic skills as they progress through the various courses and projects offered.



Our Aims

  • To provide an environment where pupils find the creative process enjoyable and rewarding.
  • To develop the ability to record and analyse information.
  • To encourage the research and investigation of ideas.
  • To develop thinking skills and approaches to problem solving.
  • To ensure tolerance of others and respect for ideas and opinions.
  • To recognise and appreciate the richness and variety of Art within other cultures.
  • To develop the capacity for creative thought and action; the ability to innovate, initiate and make effective personal responses.
  • To develop physical, intellectual, technical and perceptive skills.
  • To acquire a sense of visual awareness and an appreciation of the environment.
  • Learn how to value and judge constructively their own work and the work of other’s.
  • To develop social skills through participation in group projects and through shared experiences
  • To develop a ‘language’ which allows each pupil to express themselves in visual terms and communicate ideas.
  • To develop the potential for further study through the use and understanding of visual and tactile media
  • To promote independent learning, in particular to encourage all students (especially years 10 & 11) to work in the department after school on a regular basis.


Key Stage 3

Creativity cannot be passive. Pupils must be active. They must engage.

At Key Stage 3 the department offers students the opportunity to work with a variety of materials and techniques, aiming to develop knowledge and understanding. Students are encouraged to work in ways that will prepare them for the rigour of GCSE coursework. Working in a style in keeping with coursework also gives students a clear idea of whether they want to choose Art as one of their options.

Key Stage 4

Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risks. Mark Rothko

Year 10 and 11 pupils will be required to use sketchbooks as a means for recording, researching, exploring, developing and documenting ideas. It will be a record of an individual’s observations, experiences, opinions and visual ideas, showing progression in knowledge, understanding and skills. Students are encouraged to work with a variety of materials and techniques, producing prep work in sketchbooks and developing their own ideas towards a final result. Personalised learning is a key aspect of KS4 and all students are expected to chose their own theme to respond to. Deadlines are an important element of any  artistic  career and students will be expected to complete artwork within a timeframe. Diversity of response and an experimental approach is encouraged to enable individuals to express what they see, think and feel in their own way while realising their intentions in the making of artwork. It is expected that each candidate has their own A2 folder to store their coursework safely, these and sketchbooks can be purchased through the art department at competitive prices.

Key Stage 5

We offer both AS and A Levels in Art & Design. The courses, which build on the work undertaken at GCSE level, allow pupils to develop their creative and critical skills and prepare them for entry into further or higher education or employment in the Art & Design field.

AS Art & Design

This is a one year course and is made up of one units of coursework and an externally set examination. For the coursework, the outcomes must be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.


  • One units of coursework (50%)
  • External Examination (50%)

A2 Art & Design

This one year course builds on the work undertaken at AS Level. Completion of this course can lead to the award of an A Level. It is made up of one unit of coursework and an externally set examination.


  • One practical portfolio of coursework (50%)
  • External Examination (50%)

After they leave us, many of our students undertake Art Foundation and degree courses before going on to work ~ perhaps in fashion, textiles, interior design, architecture, photography or graphic design to name but a few.